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Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination is sexism discrimination based on a person’s gender identity. Also known as being treated differently because you are either a man or woman. Generally, women are the victims of gender discrimination. Over 40% of women have faced gender discrimination at their place of employment.*

The issues can range from preference or special assignments for male colleagues to inequality in pay for doing the same job as a male counterpart. If you are doing the same amount of work as a male colleague but being paid less or carry a subordinate title, you may be facing gender discrimination. The best way to find out about your rights is to seek advice from legal experts.

One of the most common type of gender discrimination is when an employer prohibits a female employee from wearing pants. This is illegal. Of course, there are exceptions, such as a suitable uniform or costume. And of course, there are exceptions to the exception. For example, suitable uniforms for male and female can be different, but a woman cannot be made to wear sexually revealing uniform that a male employee is not required to wear.

Gender discrimination can also be in the form of stereotypes such as a woman being physically slower or weaker than a male colleague. Men are can be regarded as the bread winner and women are sometimes the domesticator. In the event you have been told by your boss or co-workers that you can or cannot do something solely base on your gender, you’ve been discriminated on because of your gender.

Other situations in which gender discrimination can rear its ugly head is through employment benefits. A male employee should not be receiving bonuses or access to benefits that is not offered to a female employee. It is against the law for Employers to condition benefits on how an employee designate themselves as “head of the household” or “principal wage earner.” It is also against the law to differentiate retirement benefits because of an employee’s gender.

To combat gender discrimination at the workplace, make sure you notify management and human resources. It is important to document the complaint in writing and if the problem persist, you have other options.

Workplace gender discrimination is not only unfair, it is wrong and against the law. You have rights! If you have been discriminated on because of your gender, contact us today for a free consultation.

*2017 Pew Research Center

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